Saturday, June 15, 2013

Quick and easy "Cookie Cake" For Fathers' Day.

First off you can follow this video if you want to use a scratch recipe for your cookie, or follow the short cut version below.This would be a little easier if you are baking with children. This "Cookie Cake" is perfect for almost any occasion. I'll bet Dad would love one of these for Fathers'  day.

Ok, we can do this really easy and the kids will love helping.

 Ready made icing will work.

12 inch pizza pan, mix cookie mix, grease pan well with shortening and spread to within 1 inch from the edge of pan, keep it cookie thinner in the center. Bake @ 350 for 20-25 minutes. Cook completely and decorate.

Quick home made decorating bag
Color your icing with a small amount of food color.

Fill a quart-sized clear plastic bag (e.g., Ziplock) half full with frosting and close or tie off the top of the bag.

Cut one of the bag's bottom corners with a scissors keeping in mind that the size of the hole determines how much frosting will come out of it.

 Squeeze the frosting through the hole to outline or write. Surprise Dad with something you made just for him!